9 Ways Instant Modular Buildings Assist In Disaster Relief


When disaster strikes, particularly natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes, the structures that would have served as centers of relief are often destroyed as well. Instant modular buildings have proven to be ideal for this purpose. The following are nine ways that these modular structures are incredibly useful in humanitarian relief efforts. 1. Disaster Relief Headquarters First responders need a space to act as headquarters while coordinating and deploying aid to those affected by disasters.

18 July 2022

4 Tips For People In Need Of Homeless Shelter Services


Homelessness is difficult in many ways. The physical challenges of sleeping outdoors and facing resource scarcity are tough enough on their own, but homelessness can also take a toll on people's mental health in the form of fear and shame. Homeless shelters strive to meet people's needs for immediate shelter. 24/7 homeless shelters are open at all times, so people can always find somewhere to go. Here are four tips for people who need the services of a homeless shelter:

21 March 2022