Have Tons Of Baby Toys And Clothes You Don't Need? Find The Right Charity And Launch A Campaign


If you have been able to provide your children with ample amounts of clothing, toys, and other material things as they grow and you want to share these things with others who aren't as fortunate, there are many ways to reach out to these people. There are various charities that will need donations of baby supplies.

If you would like to donate more than you currently have, you can take it upon yourself to run a drive to gather items from others in your area. Here are some of the things that you can do.

Find a Child Abandonment Charity  

You want to find a charity where you know the items will go directly to charity and to the children that need them. Every charity works differently, so make sure that you choose a charity that will give the items you donate directly to those in need. This means these children and parents or care givers will get the things they need at no cost.

Find a child abandonment charity, like Project Cuddle, and ask them what kind of donations they need.

Share the Charity's Needs and Launch Your Campaign

Moms know other moms who are ready to get rid of stuff. With social media, moms' clubs, and email, it's easy to reach out to thousands of people in your area in a short amount of time and to get the children and people that are in need items.

You will want to launch a social media campaign if you can, along with reaching out to others that you know locally with local flyers and more. This is the fastest way to gets lots of items from moms you know.

Organize Collections

You can be a collection site for the charity if you are getting lots of items from moms and people in the community you know. This may make it easier for people to drop stuff off at your house, instead of them trying to find the charity or organization. Take the time to organize it the best you can with your own items, and then give everything to the charity.

If you have kids, or if you know kids that are looking to do some humanitarian work, they can help to clean the toys, sort the clothes, and more. If you have items you know other kids would love to have, find the right charity and help others out.


20 November 2019

Giving Back To Gain More

I started thinking more seriously about giving back a few years ago, since I have been blessed with a truly exceptional life. I was really concerned about giving to the people in my local area, so I started focusing on local humanitarian work. It was difficult to find ways to serve at first, but after I got started, things became a lot easier. Within a few months, I was able to completely change my outlook, and it was amazing to see the difference that a single person could make. This blog is all about giving back to gain more in your own life.