Donating Blood During The Pandemic


A blood shortage could slow down medical procedures or cause a person in need to endure medical complications or death. When you choose to donate blood, you are demonstrating a selfless act of generosity that could save the life of someone who was involved in an accident or who has a medical condition that requires a blood transfusion. Use some tips to guide you through the donation process.

Don't Let The Current Situation Deter You

You may have heard from some of your co-workers or loved ones about their efforts to donate blood. The process may have sounded simple and maybe you were even thinking about offering a donation yourself. Now that the pandemic is a reality, blood drive efforts haven't slowed down. The procedure that is performed is similar to how it always was and the only differences that one may experience are that social distancing may be enforced and wearing a facial covering may be mandated.

Blood drives must continue at a normal pace to ensure that patients will receive the blood that they need during an inpatient or outpatient procedure. Check through a local blood drive agent or speak to a customer service representative who works for a private entity to determine where to go and what to expect during your initial blood donation procedure.

Relax And Learn More

When you show up for a blood drive, you may be asked to sign in and you may be questioned about your blood type. If you aren't aware of your blood type, don't worry. The inquiry about a specific blood type is often asked due to the high demand for certain types. Since your donated blood will be tested prior to being used to aid someone in need, the type will be classified. People must be of age and must meet the weight criteria to be deemed eligible to donate blood.

All of the entry-level information that must be attained will take part during the initial part of your blood drive donation session. During the actual donation process, you will be provided with a comfortable chair to relax in.

Nobody will be standing near you other than the individual who administers the withdrawal of blood and they will be wearing a mask during the process. At the end of the session, you may be offered cookies or another light snack. This will help build up your blood sugar level so that you feel your best when it is time to head home.

For more information, contact a local blood donation center.


24 November 2020

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